Zero to Hero Course

Is English your second or third language?

We are pretty much global citizens these days but that does not mean we can just expect you to speak perfect English.

When Linda first came to Sydney Australia, she did not know a word of English, and yet life goes on it was with many challenges, difficulties, and determination that she learned to speak well and now became an inspirational speaker on global stages.

Do you feel frustrated when you try to articulate your thoughts and ideas at work but others don’t seem to fully understand what you’re saying? Linda can completely resonate with you as she has had the same experiences before.

Do you feel like you know what you are saying in your head but somehow the other party just doesn’t seem to get the meaning of what you’re trying to say?

Linda understands because she has had the same experiences before.

Feedback from Session 1

This above clip shares the feedback from session 1 and session 4 coaching and training session of the super special course: How to go from Zero to Hero in Six Weeks, First by being Your Own Hero, and Honing Your English Speaking Skills so that You Can Be the Leader You Are Meant to be.

Who Is This Course For?

This course is for coaches, entrepreneurs, or professionals earning 6 figures and above, who need effective and impactful tips and strategies, to master the skill of speaking English confidently in the fastest time possible and to save time from learning the traditional way of English speaking so that you are able to speak and articulate in English clearly with confidence to ensure that your clients understand your messages and to enroll more clients, so that you can make more money, have higher levels of impact, and be seen as an expert and influencer in your field.

It is absolutely a must-attend course and is crucial for high-earning coaches, entrepreneurs, or professionals who are struggling to speak English fluently, feeling unfulfilled, and don’t want to lose out on opportunities to make a difference, and desperately need the immediate transformation.

See The Transformation For Yourself – From Day 1 to Week 6

In the above video, you can see the transformation you too, can have, just like these rock-star entrepreneurs in a matter of just 6 sessions!

What Will I Learn In Each Session?

Week Content Week Content
1 Zero to Hero Mindset and English Practice 4 Self Leadership and Speaking English
2 Confidence as a leader and Speaking English 5 Passion & Purpose and Speaking English
3 Self Image and Speaking English 6 Your story – from the old you to new you

Why Should I Take This Course?

So many professionals and business owners are amazing at what they do but are not shown how to speak English well and hence causing them loss of business deals upwards to millions of dollars and/or job promotions in high-rank positions. Not to mention saving precious relationships from the damages of misunderstandings and dampened self-esteem and happiness.

In this supercharged course, Linda shares her secrets and strategies that help attendees collapse their time and shorten their gap so that they can master the strategies to practice their English speaking skills in a much faster way and at a more subconscious level that enables them to improve their speaking skills immediately!

This course is for professionals and business owners who are seriously committed to their transformation in English speaking skills and are able to pay the fee for a VIP level of attention.

A Special Bonus – A Free Holiday

As a special, limited offer, if you book and pay for the Zero To Hero in Six Weeks course, you will recieve a holiday voucher. Here’s how it works:

1 Simply book and pay for the Zero To Hero In 6 Weeks Course!

2 And, you’ll instantly receive a Free Holiday Voucher!

3 We’ll provide you with a Vacation Accommodation Certificate which entitles you to enjoy up to 7 nights* accommodation at your choice of 100+ destinations around Australia, New Zealand & South Pacific, Asia & Middle East, United States & Canada, Central & South America!

Best of all, you have 18 MONTHS to travel from when you activate your Vacation Certificate.

And many hotels & resorts allow 2 children up to 12 years of age in the same room as two adults – which means you can enjoy a family vacation!

How Do I Find Out More About The Course

To express your interest and put your name on the waitlist, please email Linda at with the subject title Zero to Hero and Linda will be in touch. Or, you can schedule a call with Linda using the button below.

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How Do I Book The Course and Get My Free Holiday?

To reserve your place in the next course, purchase the course using the button below:

Buy the Course

Remember, “Happiness is another form of wealth! The most treasured form of wealth!” Don’t let your happiness be affected by not being able to articulate yourself clearly and fully. Email Linda to put yourself on the waitlist for the next course date so that, you too, can join in and be the Hero for Yourself!

Keep winning!

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Linda Duong
Average rating:  
 1 reviews
 by Guillaume M.
The "Zero to Hero" course is really amazing at improving your English speaking, and it does it at the speed of light!

If anyone would like to get better at speaking in English to better achieve their life goals, I can't recommend to reach out to Linda Duong enough, and fully trust her with helping you to get your message orally across much much more clearly and convincingly.

She is a fantastic teacher who distilled all the most useful insights she's learnt across decades of learning to speak English starting from 0 herself, to offer you rocket fast improvements, and all tailored to your native language, even if you're not a beginner anymore but haven't been able to improve it for a long time now. This 6-week course was really mind blowing and you see the value straight away from the first class.

On top of that, she is a fantastic person with great life wisdom so you'll only be blessed to have her on your life journey 🙂