“Linda helped save my life. Sounds melodramatic but when my life was in turmoil, Linda was able to give me some clear direction, enabling me to see that I was a capable and wonderful person that just needed a nudge. I highly recommend having a chat with Linda!”
Nina B.

“Linda is masterful at listening at an intimate level. Personalized uplifting and life-giving perspectives are her gifts to the world. She can lead you back to yourself in a very loving and tangible way and easily sees and supports the vision you hold for yourself.”
Cherith K.

“My session with Linda was for the purpose of getting more clarity for my tutoring business. She was able to ask me specific questions which enabled me to clarify the main goals and vision of the business. This was useful to determine the end goal of the business. She also shared some advice from her previous business which I found useful and gave me her opinion of the elements of my business such as the logo. Overall, it was an enjoyable conversation that enabled me to gain deeper clarity for my business.”
Jeryee L.

“Hi Linda, I want to thank you again for our wonderful coaching session we had this weekend. You provided great feedback and thought provoking concepts to break through the blocks I was dealing with. You are a great coach and I look forward to working with you again. Ciao!”
Edward W.

“After my sessions with Linda, I learned to let my kids grow and think on their own.  I was able to give them space to be independent learners and to encourage them to find their strengths and talents. Linda explained it in a way that helped me unlock those keys words.   I’ve heard those phrases before but Linda explained it to me in a way which made me understand and opened up my mind.   It was like a lightbulb had just turned on in my head. I am now closer to my kids and understand them a lot more. Thank you so much Linda, we are very grateful for your help. You have been like an Angel to myself and my family. Someone that has come into our lives to help us when we are in need. Thank again. Love, Jacki N.
Jacki N.

“Linda, you certainly have a gift for intuiting who needs your help, when they need it, and how to ask the right questions to help a person uncover (or at least get closer to) their own truth. You asked such genuinely caring, open-ended questions which encouraged me to look deeper within for the clarity and confidence I needed in articulating my vision. I truly believe there is an art and science to everything–a balance, if you will–especially in asking the right questions that make people want to answer and truthfully at that. Your simple yet highly effective way of coaching through casual conversation is something from which anyone can benefit.”
Ashley T.