Follow Your Heart, Follow Your Dreams is a talk that Linda shares about her life story in which she has achieved all of her early childhood dreams and more, and still achieving. From not knowing a word of English to have become a #1 International Best Selling Author. From not having colour pencils as a child to having artwork exhibitions and won prizes. From being grounded by severe motion sickness to being able to travel the world. All of these stories, made her signature speech, a keynotes speech that is so unique that your audience will leave with hopes and feel motivated to create and achieve more dreams. Their dreams, not someone else’s. They will feel uplifted and rejuvenated.

Whether this talk is presented at HR firms, Business networking events or at schools, it is as up lifting for every audience who attended. It is Linda’s life story that shares the many life winning lessons and wisdoms.

  • How do you go from knowing nothing to achieving all your dreams?
  • How do you do that when you are in a new country and can’t speak the language?
  • How do you go from not even having a colour pencil as a child to having your artworks in exhibitions and winning prizes?
  • How do you know which is your dream and not others’?

This is a talk that will help audiences to refocus and redefine their life path. It aims to inspire with a message that dreams are a reality when we follow our hearts, and it will also lead audiences to work with sincere passion. Audiences will be enlightened, as it will help them to understand how they can “cut through the noise”, the societal expectations, how to see their own career path – how to follow their hearts and follow their own dreams.

But Linda’s message is not about her – the aim is to share with her audiences that when we follow our dreams and work with sincere passions and commitments, we get to do the jobs that we love and enjoy. This creates life fulfilment and therefore, will help us to better face the challenges that life will always throw at us. When we are able to do work we enjoy, it not only gives us enthusiasm and energy to deal with life’s challenges, but also helps to reduce stress, anxiety, depression and burnout. All of which can lead to mental health breakdown.

Linda also talks about connection – How to use Emotional Intelligence in business and at work.

How do you maintain that winning and positive attitude throughout life?

With corporate organization, her talks will help create more passion and engagement from your teams, resulting in a more up lifting working environment, increased moral, more commitment and greater staff retention.

Connection – The Currency to Happiness, has had an incredible impact since its launch, making Linda a sought-after speaker at a variety of events around the globe, including;

  • The author’s conference in Mexico – Experts Insights – Book Awards for the Best-Selling, Award-Winning Authors from around the globe!
  • The Social Entrepreneur Empowerment Retreat – San Diego, USA
  • The Connect for Success Business Networking Group – Sydney
  • The Smart Talent Group – Sydney
  • The Sydney Boys High School
  • The St Ives Library
  • The Rotary Club of Eastwood-Gladesville
  • The Toast Masters Club of St Ives

Please get in touch so that Linda can share her talk with you and your team.

“If we all create a supportive environment for each other, we will all be happier.” _ Linda Tomai Duong.


“Myself, the school career advisor, and others teachers were all impressed, and thought that the presentation has added value to the students and would recommend it to other schools. No-one would really ask about the students’ dreams, so it is good for them to reflect on these questions.”
Miss Joanna C. Head of Wellbeing teacher of Sydney Boys High School.

“Thank you so much for sharing through your powerful story! Absolutely LOVE your work! I see your light reaching every corner of the world, in no time!”
Viola T.

“Lindas’ talk was motivating for me and her life was the bedtime storey for my daughter tonight.”
Mazen Z.

“Thank you for the motivational speech today, and for inspiring me to do a lot of great things.”
Annalie R. Grade 4 Student.

“You are such an inspirational person to follow. I am looking forward to know you at a deeper level.”
Sonita Z.

“You are an inspiration to us all to reach for the stars and follow our hearts to achieve our dreams!”
Debbie L. GP.

“Your story is very inspiring and I am very sure your book will be helping many people to spread love and happiness in the world.”
Joanna T.

“Blessings on your speech, and more importantly on your journey of empowering people to courageously follow their hearts.”
Ryan E. Business Coach for Changemakers

“Well done! Great work! Looking forward to see more motivational talks.”
Christine W. Yoga teacher

We have received the feedback forms on that day.  All of them were either very satisfied or satisfied with the event, quality of the presenter, interest on the topic and educational value of the event. The areas they enjoyed most were the enthusiasm of the presenter, use of simple language, sharing of the story and a pleasant conference room.
Eugenia N. St Ives Library co-ordinator


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