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The Connection Strategy

Imagine a communities, cities, and countries around the world, people with different walks of life and different career paths and interests all have a place to connect authentically for support through the following the following agenda:

  1. To promote real life authentic connections – to share stories and to support each other – Having real life connections is key. This may well serve as a purpose that may even be better than seeing a counsellor. Here, referring to The Moth – the art of storytelling in communities, or Toastmasters – where leaders are made – giving members a chance to hear their own voices, will give better pictures.
  2. To promote well-being. Once a month, there will be outdoor activities organised so that members can have fun while connecting and continuing to share stories without being the centre of the attention. Here, referring to Meetup – a platform to schedule and arrange a gathering with the notion of having fun. Life can get tough and that’s when we recluse to ourselves, but when we there is a relaxed atmosphere, it helps to connect with others easier. The outdoor activity aims to build and cultivate a healthy and balanced life style.
  3. To promote a sense of the bigger-self with a bigger purpose, through philanthropy works. Here, referring to Rotary and Lions clubs will give a better picture.

Once we can create a more connected community, a more connected society if formed, a society that includes and operates with an alternate form of currency. A second kind of monetary that works right beside regular money, but has far more power and positive effects for health sustainability, and that is connection. Connection and health for every day well-being, it becomes a more powerful, strong society when everyone, from all walks of life can live with more joy, more inner peace, by having authentic connections and gaining peace and harmony with one another in the communities locally and globally.

Today, our society is much driven to connection, such as social media platforms, except we are missing the real life connections and 3Hearts’ goal is to fill that gap.

Working together to build a more connected society, we aim to create a sustainable future that builds the ‘invisible wealth’ which is health and happiness for a happy future.

Connections helps to maintain health, and without these two crucial elements we cannot build more physical wealth required for a sustainable future.

This social entrepreneur model begins with memberships that are split into different levels of memberships, plus support from local businesses, which share our vision and have a vested interest in building a more connected society to increase well-being and reduce stress, isolation, anxiety and mental illness. In return, each business will receive brand exposure with 3 Hearts, creating a win/win journey for everyone involved.

Through the process of connecting local residents and local businesses, we envisage that mentorships will form, employment opportunities will arise, and business will be generated which will lead to further employment and local prosperity. Businesses will be able to provide employment for local residents, develop skills to enhance their talent management systems and employ staff in a more sustainable manner for better development of goods and services, while enhancing the wellbeing of the local workforce.

Participating communities will then have the opportunity to collaborate, to pay-forward, passing the good will and philanthropy from community to community, and creating an even closer knitted society, a true global family that helps reducing bias and differences by having deeper understanding of each other’s culture and values, hence helping each other to thrive in a global economy and in a global connection in an authentic way that is much needed in today’s world.

Philanthropy work is there to provide support and services, and to give back to the community, to assist with their current concerns such as bush fires or local disasters. Etc.

“Together, We Connect and Make the World a Better Place!”

Please get in touch to get involve and be connected to this global 3Hearts family.

“A lone wolf is not as powerful as in a pack!” _ Linda Tomai Duong