Welcome to 3Hearts

The vision and mission

3Hearts is a social initiative with the vision and mission to create a more connected society by eliminating loneliness, isolation, and the lead to depression.

Imagine communities, cities, and countries around the world – people from different walks of life and different career paths and interests, all having a safe space where they can connect authentically regardless of their gender, race, skin colour, or religion to share their daily wins, their challenges, and their setbacks. A safe place to bring everyone to simply be together.

We have ambassadors around the world to help with this vision and mission.

“incredible efforts at bringing people of such different races, creeds, cultures, religions, and sexuality together in love, peace, joy and HAPPINESS!” Christine Merriman

3Hearts’ vision and mission are to create a more connected society by eliminating loneliness, isolation, and the lead to depression.

What is 3Hearts?

3Hearts represents:

❤️Love and connection for yourself

❤️Love and connection with and for others

❤️Love and connection for the universe

❤️❤️❤️3Hearts is the happiness code – the underlying message from the book: Connection the Currency to Happiness, authored by Linda Tomai Duong – the 3Hearts founder.

How does 3Hearts Achieve its vision and mission?

By creating the 3Hearts global community where we host the specially designed meetings for the sole purpose of authentic connections, to share the loving space with each other so that we can connect at a more meaningful level and to be who we are. As this can take the pressure off from the feeling that we have to be someone we are not.

The purpose of these meetings is to have the opportunity to share with each other our highs, our lows, and our daily challenges with each other. To be heard, to validate our existence and experiences. As this can ultimately help the reduce the feelings of loneliness, isolation, and the lead to depression, especially during these critical times when we are in the lockdown mode and many people are being asked to isolate themselves.

The ultimate goal is to build a more connected society by eradicating loneliness.

Usually, at the end of these meetings attendees walk away feeling a sense of deeper self-connection, self-discovery and/or rediscovery, enabling us to feel refreshed, recharged, and rejuvenated.

“Anytime you come back to something there’s a reason…. Come together with people who are heart-centred, really uplifting and positive people and want to be helpers in the world! … It’s refreshing! I always leave the meeting feeling more uplifted and more positive!… So refreshing to be in a space where you can feel safe…. and express your authentic-self …!

What I appreciate these 3Hearts meetings is that it doesn’t gloss over the challenges that we are experiencing in the world right now. We meet them, hold them and appreciate them…. Every time someone expresses a challenge, they always come away finishing their expressions with a positive! You get to express your feelings and be heard!… These 3Hearts meetings…it’s a place, an ISLAND of PEACE that you can come and be with good people and express yourself authentically and be received authentically! I LOVE THAT! I can’t find that anywhere else that you have this sacred space where people can come, be heard, be appreciated, contributed, received, give all in the one hour! And it’s creative and FUN!! AND THERAPEUTIC!!! It’s a SACRED SPACE – the air is different. The QUALITY of Connection is Different with 3Hearts, and that’s what keeps me coming back! I think 3Hearts provides a space that’s not really available anywhere that I’ve in the world!

Anyone who come is going to feel it’s FUN! ACCEPTING, LOVING group of people with integrity to hold the space for one another and what that does is like a HUG for MENTAL HEALTH! When I leave the meeting, I FEEL HUG!!” _ 3Hearts Meeting (No.35) Testimonial – Henry-Cameron Allen.

“Linda Duong thank you for taking time off your personal time to create something beautiful for the community. It’s lovely to build a village again… a real one this time… not of shops and coffee, but one with three hearts… I will be there (next meeting) if it doesn’t coincide with my market days … I love it! When we left, my hubby said:” I know you will go back… 🥰” Thank you for the session. So blessed to know of and get to join in. See you next time!” Catherine Yang – Testimonial by a meeting attendee.

Imagine, globally, people from all over the world, from all walks of life, feel this same connectedness. This level of satisfaction. How much more would that benefit our mental health globally? How much happier would everyone be?

We all wish to live in a world that is more fulfilling, being healthier mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. This is how we are able to influence the trajectory of mental health towards a more positive direction!

If you would like to attend a meeting, get involved to be a 3Hearts ambassador or have any questions, please feel free to email our 3Hearts founder, Linda Duong, at linda@lindaduong.com.au

Why is 3Hearts Created?

“Connection is what keeps our souls alive and provides the answers that we are seeking.” Linda Tomai Duong.

3Hearts is an extension of the book: Connection – The Currency to Happiness; Access Your Happiness Right Here, Right NOW!

A quick background to the book, initially, Linda wrote this book for her two beloved children. Upon written the first draft, Linda heard of three cases of death – one sudden death of an industry colleague and two cases teenage suicidal; one girl at the age of 15 years old, and one boy at the age of 11 years old that have put Linda in tears and feeling the heavy sadness, Linda felt compelled to share the book with the world.

As soon as the book was published in October 2017, Linda saw a vision to have connection hubs all around the world for people to connect. This is because Linda recognised that globally, people are feeling more and more isolated even before COVID-19 happened.

We are all becoming more and more busy with less connection time, leaving us feeling lonely, isolated and the feeling of emptiness – All these are leaving it to chances that could leads to the feeling of depression.

Do you know of someone, or perhaps you may have had this experience yourself, where you have all the worldly material processions and yet you are not happy, not fulfilled?

There is this emptiness inside …

Linda has met many people from all walks of life at different stages who have had the titles, the financial wealth ~ but are not entirely happy and are missing the fundamental element of what nurtures a human being ~ the authentic connection.

“How many resorts can you go and stay? How many cocktails can you drink?” ~ a millionaire who confined in Linda….

Have you ever had the feeling that no one understands what you’re going through?

When we are not being heard and cannot share how we truly feel, we begin to feel isolated, lonely, and disconnected. This is also when we start to feel the negative emotions and the downward spiral of thought pattern creeps in before we even realise it. This is also the beginning of the danger when your mental health begins to be affected….

These concerns and questions are what have caused Linda to take action and share her old way of living in Vietnam, except with the modern take.

3Hearts is an innovative way of addressing mental health with the preventative strategy.

“3Hearts meetings allow us to be more self-appreciative! And to develop our listening skills because when we are in a relationship, we’ve already heard it before… Everything is from a fresh perspective! Giving the information out to new people versus familiar people…. Sometimes familiarity breeds contempt, and you just become immune or desensitised to other people’s problems or victories … “I don’t want to hear your victory, you’re bragging! I don’t want to hear your problems; you’re always complaining and complaining. … It’s a different format and you have to bring your respect game to this.” _ 3Hearts Meeting (No.14) Testimonial – Bruce Martin.


The background Story

“Linda was born at the end of the Vietnam War, where she had minimum resources and never knew what a computer looked like, and never had any colour pencils. Linda only watched a black and white TV, and saw black and white photos. She had not even seen a world map or a model of the globe. Also, as a child, Linda was extremely shy and nervous, and having motion sickness meant that Linda couldn’t get on a bus or go anywhere and was pretty much grounded in her home. Her world was very basic and yet what helped her and everyone get through the tough times was connection. Authentic connection was what helped everyone get through their days regardless of how tough it was.

What if you were able to just simply express how you feel? “I feel awesome today!”

What if you could do this without having to worry about being judged?

What if you could simply say “I feel sad”, or “I feel challenged because I don’t know how to do a particular task?” and still feel heard, respected, and supported?

During our 3Hearts meeting is when you can simply do that. To be heard, to feel understood and supported. It is the authentic connection that create our beautiful, heart-centred community.

Linda is passionate about sharing the love, connection, joy, and positivity, and ultimately happiness with heart-centred individuals who value the well-being of themselves and of others, and the universe. These individuals are our 3Hearts community members and ambassadors. If you are also a heart-centred individual, we would love to have you join us in our community.


What makes 3Hearts’ stand out?

3Hearts is an innovative way of addressing mental health (not mental illness) in the simplest way possible and with positivity that enables members to feel uplifted no matter how their day was.

When we meet to share the love, connection, joy, positivity, and happiness, to uplift each other, it crates tremendous value and adds great benefits to our wellbeing in all areas; mentally, emotionally, and spiritually! As per our meeting attendees have shared in their testimonials; the meetings have added great values to them and have served our community well, especially during these crucial times while we were going through the first peak of the pandemic from March and April of 2020 onwards.

It is much better to keep ourselves in the best possible shape, and to keep flourishing than leaving our mental health to chance for the problem to occur and being at risk before we attend to it.

3Hearts is a safe space where we show mutual respects, kindness, love and compassion, for each other. A non- judgmental, global community. We listen to each other, support each other, and letting each other know that we are being heard, as this is the fundamental need for us all to feel good and feel connected.

One highly beneficial activity we do, is we celebrate each other as each member shares their highlight regardless how small the highlight of the day might be. We get to celebrate who we are authentically, without feeling the need to be someone else!

During this process, we get to declutter our thoughts and our minds, to lighten our hearts and our souls to move on and go about lives with more joy and more positivity. A great place to grow together.

With mental health issues being on the rise, we can no longer take our mental health for granted. Mental health problems, Alzheimer’s disease, and cancer are what we think don’t apply to us until it really happens. Don’t let it happen to you. Be sure to join our community and join us at the meetings.

‘Prevention is the cure.’


Why 3Hearts is good for mental health (2:40 minutes)

Why is 3Hearts good for other organizations? (1:20 minutes)

Why is 3Hearts important? (3:43 minutes)

Testimonial by Barbara Cashman (2:41 minutes)

Why 3Hearts is good for children at school age (7:41 minutes)


3Hearts Ambassadors

3Hearts ambassadors are the heart-centred individuals who are drawn to the vision and mission of building a more connected community. They are the individuals who have compassion to be there for others and to uplift others by simply sharing positive energy and positive vibes as we share the love, connection, positivity, and happiness with others and, therefore, they have become a 3Hearts ambassador.

“My biggest reason for joining 3Hearts’ meeting is to be able to nurture my communication and connection skills at a professional level, to amplify my presence and the work that I do…! I Remember, I originally wanted to join the Toastmasters, but these meetings at 3Hearts bring me to another level.” Andrew Cheng – 3Hearts Ambassador for Sydney.


My single word for the experience of working with you this year is GRATITUDE.

Rarely have I seen such energetic commitment to a cause as you exhibit every single day… with a SMILE, a GIGGLE, and a TWINKLE in your eye!

It is an honor, a privilege, and a joy to be an Ambassador with you and 3HeartsGlobalConnections… to work with your carefully wrought direction at every meeting so that we can create, together, is SUCH a pleasure. The example you set, while doing ten thousand behind-the-scenes jobs, is truly a TOWERING ILLUSTRATION of your strength, capability, capacity, creativity and determination.

Wow… is all I can say.

You are MAGNIFICENT, DEDICATED, DEVOTED, and DECIDEDLY CARING. In fact, you deserve the Nobel Peace Prize for your incredible efforts at bringing people of such different races, creeds, cultures, religions, and sexuality together in love, peace, joy and HAPPINESS!

I am so GRATEFUL for meeting you, talking with you, working with you, listening to you. HEARING your heart speak so clearly with every word you say. I shall always love and respect you for pulling all of us together… to bring this World into becoming a much better, more-caring, loving, considerate, mutual, and HAPPY place to live in.

With deepest, deepest gratitude, your devoted Ambassador… Christine Merriman”

– 3Hearts Ambassador for New Hampshire, USA.

Welcome on board!

Now, we welcome you on board!

Join us at our meetings as we just want you to be Y❤️U!

We look forward to seeing you at our meetings, to share the love, the J❤️Y, the positivity, and happiness with each other.

If you would like to attend a meeting, get involved to be a 3Hearts ambassador or have any questions, please feel free to email our 3Hearts founder, Linda Duong, at linda@lindaduong.com.au

Once again WELCOME to 3Hearts community!

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