Linda Tomai Duong is an Amazon Best Selling Author – “Connection: Currency to Happiness”, Inspirational Speaker, Life & Parenting Coach, and Thought Leader on Happiness and Connection.


Connection – The Currency to Happiness is a book for everyone to gain more insights into what true happiness is. This book has achieved #1 Best Seller on Amazon for Australia, Canada, UK and #5 for US.


“Linda, you are such an inspiration! I’ve been snatching bits of the beautiful book I bought last year, whenever I need such inspiration. It was your book on Happiness. Quite frankly, I feel you are a gifted writer! Well, at that time, I was aspiring to become a Trauma Coach. And I am happy to announce that today I AM a Trauma Coach. Plus, my business will go live at the end of August – dreams coming true! Hugs to you, Sweet Linda! You simply amaze me!  💖”

Christine M.

“Linda, I’m loving your book. I’m not even halfway through and already just feel like I have so much to be grateful for. When a week ago I was sick in bed thinking the world was against me… I’m now embracing each day. I can’t wait to finish it! 💖You truly have opened my mind up to embracing life and just letting go and appreciating what I have. So grateful for this incredible book x 💖”

Kerry-lee T.

Spend just five minutes with Linda Duong and you will realise what a fireball of energy and insightful optimism she really is. You’ll feel convinced that if anyone can make the world happier, this lady can.

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Linda grew up in Vietnam, at the end of the war. Her only experience of the world outside was from black and white TV and photographs.

Then suddenly, at the age of 15, she was ‘teleported’ to Sydney, without a word of English and had to find her way in the world. So, Linda’s search for happiness began at that tender age.

She had a dream – in fact she had many dreams and goals and despite the disadvantage of starting a new life in a new and foreign country where she knew not a single soul, yet she has achieved every one of those dreams.

Linda’s Book Writing

Now with book writing, Linda aims to create a “space” for connection, because to Linda, Connection IS the Currency to Happiness. Therefore, her book writings are often from a personal stance and sharing with a reflection style rather than from a big theorist style.

It is from personal stories that we connect and relate, and it is from reflections that help us grow at a speedier rate than just from learning theories. Reflection is the single most effective activity you can do to accelerate and deepen your spiritual growth. Through reflections, serious thought or consideration. Contemplation, deliberation, pondering, meditation, and musing are what Linda leads readers to do more of.

The Author’s Published Books

In a short space of time from June 2017 to December, Linda has three published award winning books:

  • If I Can, You Can – Winner’s edition, in which Linda authored the chapter ‘Follow Your Dreams’. A Winner’s Edition
  • Connection: Currency to Happiness – #1 Amazon International Best Seller
  • My Journey My Journal – This Journal is inspired by Trailblazing, Best Selling Authors – #1 Amazon International Best Seller

Linda’s message and her wish for everyone is to grow and live their dreams, which she strongly believes is the path to less stress, less depression and more happiness, more inner joy and inner peace in our society.

Linda is quite literally on a mission to help as many people as possible. With her book, she can coach one to a million rather than one to one.

Connection – The Currency to Happiness, has had an incredible impact since its launch as shown from her reader’s testimonials, as well as a super remarkable acknowledgment from the world renowned, the first professor on Intellectual Capital, Professor Leif Edwinsson.

Linda is a sought-after speaker.

Thank you for visiting this page and for connecting.

“Happiness Is Another Form of Wealth!” – Linda Tomai Duong

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