Welcome to 3Hearts

3Hearts’ vision and mission is to create a more connected society by eliminating loneliness, isolation, and the lead to depression.

The vision and mission

3Hearts is a social initiative with the vision and mission to create a more connected society by eliminating loneliness, isolation, and the lead to depression.

Imagine communities, cities, and countries around the world – people from different walks of life and different career paths and interests, all having a place where they can connect authentically regardless of their gender, race, skin colour, or religion to share their daily wins, their challenges, and their setbacks. How comforting would that be?

“Anytime you come back to something there’s a reason…. Come together with people who are heart-centred, really uplifting and positive people and want to be helpers in the world! … It’s refreshing! I always leave the meeting feeling more uplifted and more positive!… So refreshing to be in a space where you can feel safe…. and express your authentic-self …!

What I appreciate these 3Hearts meetings is that it doesn’t gloss over the challenges that we are experiencing in the world right now. We meet them, hold them and appreciate them…. Every time someone expresses a challenge, they always come away finishing their expressions with a positive! You get to express your feelings and be heard!… These 3Hearts meetings…it’s a place, an ISLAND of PEACE that you can come and be with good people and express yourself authentically and be received authentically! I LOVE THAT! I can’t find that anywhere else that you have this sacred space where people can come, be heard, be appreciated, contributed, received, give all in the one hour! And it’s creative and FUN!! AND THERAPEUTIC!!! It’s a SACRED SPACE – the air is different. The QUALITY of Connection is Different with 3Hearts, and that’s what keeps me coming back! I think 3Hearts provides a space that’s not really available anywhere that I’ve in the world! 

Anyone who come is going to feel it’s FUN! ACCEPTING, LOVING group of people with integrity to hold the space for one another and what that does is like a HUG for MENTAL HEALTH! When I leave the meeting, I FEEL HUG!!

Henry-Cameron Allan - Testimonial

“My biggest reason for joining 3Hearts’ meeting is to be able to nurture my communication and connection skills at a professional level, to amplify my presence and the work that I do…! I Remember, I originally wanted to join the Toastmasters, but these meetings at 3Hearts bring me to another level.”

Andrew Cheng - 3Hearts Ambassador for Sydney

“Linda Duong thank you for taking time off your personal time to create something beautiful for the community. It’s lovely to build a village again.. a real one this time.. not of shops and coffee, but one with three hearts.. lovely. I will be there (next meeting) if it doesn’t coincide with my market days .. I love it! When we left my hubby said,”I know you will go back… 🥰 Thank you for the session. So blessed to know of and get to join in. See you next time!”

Catherine Yang - Meeting Attendee - Testimonial